Introducing OpportunityFinder™

OpportunityFinder™ is a first of its kind.

A transformative data driven method that revolutionises ideation in Geoscience New Ventures Exploration and Innovation.

The algorithm detects potential Hydrocarbon Plays in unstructured text which are not explicitly stated; assisting the Geoscientist to new lines of thought and knowledge which may not have previously been considered. This could lead to ideas and new business opportunities that would not have occurred without the use of the algorithm.

Using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) the algorithm uses a unique ‘DNA Sequence’ inspired approach to identify clues buried within vast amounts of text to ‘join the dots’.

Resulting output can be used to power new or existing User Interfaces or populate a KnowledgeGraph.

The Python code can seamlessly plug into a company’s existing NLP pipeline on-premise or cloud, making it very easy to deploy. Alternatively, it can run independently on text documents stored on a file system.



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