Digital Innovation: Deploying Digital Solutions and AI in Petronas

Petronas and Infoscience Technologies at the Petronas Digital Days Conference in Kuala Lumpur May 29th-May 30th 2023. Petronas demonstrated their work using Infoscience's Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms on their company documentation to improve search and data discovery, reduce risk and identify new business opportunities using insights. #digitalinnovation #machinelearning #artificialintelligence #taxonomy #unstructureddata #naturallanguageprocessing #datamanagement #informationmanagement... Continue Reading →

Generative AI and Subsurface Data Queries

I've been experimenting to see how well Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do 'joins' across data records for data management and search queries. Take this example. A prompt providing Gamma Ray well log data by Depth and API value, followed by Geological Formation well pick intervals. I then asked the question "What formations have average... Continue Reading →

Natural Language Processing on 500,000 corporate emails for Social Network Analysis

I’ve been experimenting with 500,000 corporate emails and natural language processing for social network analysis. Using graph algorithms we can infer information behaviour identifying clusters of ‘important’ people in a network based on incoming emails. This type of ‘importance’ might be hidden and not relate to formal roles and organisational hierarchy. These can be further... Continue Reading →

SPE Paper on Natural Language Processing in Subsurface and Wells

When I was asked to write this paper last year, ChatGPT had not even been launched! Time moves fast in NLP. Nevertheless for geoscientists and petroleum engineers the uses cases and techniques are all valid and language models are included. A direct link to the paper is below. #oilandgas #mining #geothermal #artificialintelligence #taxonomy #naturallanguageprocessing paul-cleverley-society-of-petroleum-engineers-nlp-data-science-article-to-be-published-mid-november-2022-1.pdf

ChatGPT and Subsurface and Wells Text

Applying Generative AI (ChatGPT) to subsurface and wells content. I’ve been applying OpenAI’s ChatGPT to the graph data structures produced by the OpportunityFinder(R) and GeoClassifier(R) NLP algorithms after they have processed unstructured data (reports, presentations, literature etc) at a sentence level. This technique called prompt engineering, allows you to apply Large Language Model structure but... Continue Reading →

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) live broadcast on Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Looking forward to this on Wednesday. A link to the NLP paper can be found in SPE DSEATS Dec 2022 Issue: #artificialintelligence #subsurface #wells #drilling #naturallanguageprocessing #geoscience #petroleumengineering #mining #oilandgas #geothermal #carboncapture #hydrogen

Infoscience Technologies receives King’s Award for Enterprise Innovation

Pleased to announce Infoscience Technologies Ltd has received the King’s Award for Enterprise Innovation. The award was conferred today by His Majesty King Charles III to Infoscience Technologies for outstanding achievement in innovation after recommendation by the Prime Minister. The award is the most prestigious for a UK business. Infoscience Technologies’ patented Artificial Intelligence algorithms... Continue Reading →

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