Digital Entrepreneurship

Interviewed today by PhD candidate Suraj Ibrahim researching the information behaviour of digital entrepreneurs during ideation. Specifically, the motivations regarding information seeking, how it is being done and other related cognitive, emotive and affective behaviours. Ideation, in this context, pertains to the creation of start-ups or enhancing of an existing business. The goal of the... Continue Reading →

Impact of COVID-19 on Search in an Organisation

Enjoyed presenting today a case study on the impact of COVID-19 on search in an organisation at the British Computer Society Search Solutions event. Over 2.5 million search queries were analysed prior, during and after initial lockdowns in March this year. A big thankyou to my co-authors Fionnuala Cousins and Simon Burnett and to the... Continue Reading →

Echinoid (sea urchin) fossil

Lyme Regis on the 'Jurassic' South Coast of England is well known for its Ammonite graveyards, Ichthyosaurs and dark organic rich mud facies which is an oil source rock. The top of the cliffs contain Cretaceous beds and where land slips have brought these down to the beach occasionally you can find Echinoids (sea urchins)... Continue Reading →

3D lithological mapping of borehole descriptions using word embeddings

Interesting paper published in Computers and Geosciences. “3D lithological mapping of borehole descriptions using word embeddings” Fuentes et al (2020). Applied to groundwater studies in New South Wales, Australia. Also an interesting paper published in the AGU. Dictionary‐Based Automated Information Extraction From Geological Documents Using a Deep Learning Algorithm - Qiu - 2020 -... Continue Reading →

Digitally Transforming Geoscience Opportunity Generation Workflows with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

OpportunityFinder Milestone: the geoscience algorithm is now trained on over 25,000 terms & phrases for identifying clues for source rock, maturation, migration, reservoir, hydrocarbon occurrence, trap and seal in unstructured text (reports, presentations and papers). This is used by its one-of-a-kind pattern based discovery method to assist the Geoscientist and surface possible leads, analogues, opportunities... Continue Reading →

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