Interview with the AAPG

    I I was interviewed by Dr Susan Nash this week, Director of Innovation and Emerging Science, at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). The topic was how I became involved in innovation - along with some of my recent work on the detection of 'surprise' and the 'potentially surprising' in geoscience texts.... Continue Reading →


Introducing Infoscience Technologies

I founded a new practice recently, Infoscience Technologies Ltd, focusing on developing Python code, lexicons and training sets to aid the extraction of knowledge from geoscience unstructured text. Target industries range from geological surveys, oil & gas exploration, economic mining through to geo-health and space exploration. The focus is development of Intellectual Property (IP) through... Continue Reading →

Detecting surprise in geoscience text

  The video and slides from the conference last week in London are online. Click on the article title 'Detecting surprise in geoscience text' in this tile to bring up the post full view and then you will see the link to the video is clickable. Click here to watch the talk and slides

Oil and Gas Taxonomy

Using taxonomies and ontologies to extract knowledge from text. Domain Taxonomies can play a crucial role in many automated Machine Learning tasks. However, in one Study research showed that over 34% of concepts in a taxonomy can remain undetected (false negatives) if a taxonomy is only created manually. Augmenting the taxonomy design process with inductive... Continue Reading →

Enterprise search satisfaction

Happy New Year! A nice start to 2019, academic paper published 2nd Jan 2019 in Vol 45(1) Journal of Information Science. "Enterprise search and discovery capability: The factors and generative mechanisms for user satisfaction". Available in RGU OpenAir here and SAGE Journals subscription here

Dependency Parsing in Geoscience Text

In Natural Language Processing (NLP) the technique of Dependency Parsing has been used for many years. It is an area of ongoing research. Using Part of Speech (POS) tagging, it helps in part break up a sentence to determine 'what relates to what' to define syntactic root structures (heads and dependents). Along with other techniques... Continue Reading →

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