GEOCLASSIFIER® – New Class Palaeogeography

A new class has been added to the text GEOCLASSIFIER  Algorithm It can now predict sentences, paragraphs, pages or documents related to Palaeogeography and automatically tag them. _____________________________________________ Image Credit: Map of the Late Cretaceous

A Gift to the Geoscience Community: GEOCLASSIFIER® – A Predictive Geological Text Classifier

To welcome in 2021 is gifting GEOCLASSIFIER® – a geological machine learnt text classifier to not-for-profit organisations. This assists information searching, filtering and discovery of geoscience topics in text. Even documents predominantly about one topic, often reference other geoscience topics buried within their pages. Automatically surfacing these topics could lead to insights that may... Continue Reading →

Digital Entrepreneurship

Interviewed today by PhD candidate Suraj Ibrahim researching the information behaviour of digital entrepreneurs during ideation. Specifically, the motivations regarding information seeking, how it is being done and other related cognitive, emotive and affective behaviours. Ideation, in this context, pertains to the creation of start-ups or enhancing of an existing business. The goal of the... Continue Reading →

Echinoid (sea urchin) fossil

Lyme Regis on the 'Jurassic' South Coast of England is well known for its Ammonite graveyards, Ichthyosaurs and dark organic rich mud facies which is an oil source rock. The top of the cliffs contain Cretaceous beds and where land slips have brought these down to the beach occasionally you can find Echinoids (sea urchins)... Continue Reading →

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