Analysing over 2 Trillion Possible Permutations from Unstructured Text in Under 1 Hour on an i5 laptop.

I recently ran 1 million sentences from public domain geoscience literature articles & reports through the OpportunityFinder┬« algorithm. The aim was detecting hydrocarbon exploration play elements and interesting combinations using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. This involved analysing over 2 Trillion possible permutations hidden within the text. Through iterative design, I arrived at... Continue Reading →

Presented at Petrobras SIMGEO

Delighted to be invited by Petrobras this week to give a presentation of OpportunityFinder at the SIMGEO 'Digital Transformation in the Geosciences' symposium. OpportunityFinder(R) is a Python based algorithm which surfaces non-obvious exploration opportunities hidden in unstructured text (reports, documents) and can be adapted to other geosciences based work tasks.

Searching for geoscience information in the workplace

In 2015 we conducted an experiment to see how well people performed searching for geoscience information in an organization using search engines. In total 26 experienced staff from several countries in an exploration company participated using their own company information and subsurface search engine. To our knowledge, it was the first and remains the only,... Continue Reading →

The Tyranny of the OR and the Genius of the AND

Over 25 years ago Collins and Poras (1994) studied successful companies and noted their ability to often embrace what appear to be competing constructs. This may be akin to machine learning (statistical) and knowledge engineering (linguistics-taxonomies). On many occasions I've seen one 'camp' explain all the pitfalls of the other, without acknowledging the limitations of... Continue Reading →

Geoscience and Information Science

Thirty years ago I started my MSc in Computing in Earth Sciences. Since then much of my time has been spent applying computing & data science to geoscience in industry. For the past ten years or so, my focus has turned to academia; further developing the information science to underpin Natural Language Processing (NLP), Taxonomy,... Continue Reading →

The singular – plural search term issue…

People overestimate how good they are at searching using search engines. Whilst many search engine deployments have improved, issues remain that many searchers are oblivious to. For example, today (16th May 2020) I made the query 'peru ignimbrite' (a volcanic rock) to a well known scholarly search engine, 270 results were returned. I made the... Continue Reading →

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