The Cambrian Explosion (…of search technology)

Happy New Year everyone! A light hearted look at enterprise search evolution to start the New Year. This is an extended summary, the full article will be published in "Search Insights" in March 2020 including the link to digital transformation. The Cambrian explosion occurred more than 500 million years ago, a rapid burst that diversified... Continue Reading →

OpportunityFinder® Reaches a Milestone

Artificial Intelligence - Finding new hydrocarbon plays within unstructured text (papers, reports and presentations). Tech start-up Infoscience Technologies reached a milestone this week with its OpportunityFinder® algorithm. The algorithm makes use of ensemble machine learning models and now over 10,000+ (Ten Thousand) individual clues for identifying potential evidence for source rock, maturation, migration, reservoir, trap,... Continue Reading →

Business Analytics Lecture

Enjoyed giving a 3 hour lecture and exercises on text analytics for postgrad students on the Business Analytics MSc at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen today. Fascinating to see students who have majored in subjects as diverse as Finance, Art, Banking and Psychology - developing dual skills - proactively realising how important programming and analytics... Continue Reading →

Petroleum Data Management Lecture

  Looking forward to giving a lecture on the 29th October 'Text Analytics in the Oil & Gas Industry' for the Petroleum Data Management Graduate Certificate. The online study course is run by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. more here

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