Petroleum Data Management Lecture

  Looking forward to giving a lecture on the 29th October 'Text Analytics in the Oil & Gas Industry' for the Petroleum Data Management Graduate Certificate. The online study course is run by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. more here

The Hidden Codes in Geoscience Text

In Petroleum Geoscience, traces of hydrocarbons are referred to as a 'show' or 'shows'. Thousands of labelled example sentences were used to build a predictive machine classifier (based on word patterns). However, this did not work so well compared to detecting and disambiguating other concepts such as 'mature', 'migration'. This was probably due to the... Continue Reading →

Introducing OpportunityFinder™

OpportunityFinder™ is a first of its kind. A transformative data driven method that revolutionises ideation in Geoscience New Ventures Exploration and Innovation. The algorithm detects potential Hydrocarbon Plays in unstructured text which are not explicitly stated; assisting the Geoscientist to new lines of thought and knowledge which may not have previously been considered. This could... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Models for Disambiguating Key Petroleum Geoscience Concepts in Text

I've created more ML models for disambiguating key petroleum systems concepts in text. These are needed when creating algorithms to parse text to detect patterns and extract entities to improve search (Information Retrieval), Visual Analytics or populate a KnowledgeGraph. For example, 'migration' (migrates, migrated, migrating) to go with the 'source' (as in source rock) model... Continue Reading →

Congratulations Dean Pereira de Melo!

Congratulations to Dean Pereira de Melo, Geological Data Manager at Petrobras in Brazil on his MSc with Distinction award! His dissertation on "Information Culture in Oil & Gas Companies" is an insightful work of value to academics & practitioners. He undertook his Masters in Petroleum Data Management at the University of Aberdeen where I acted... Continue Reading →

Erratics in Central Park, New York

Even amongst the hustle and bustle of New York City, Geological marvels can be found. I could not resist taking a photo of these 12 feet high boulders while visiting this week. Central Park is peppered with huge boulders that look precariously perched on top of the ancient glistening bedrock. These are rounded glacial 'erratics'... Continue Reading →

Bypassed Information Pay

I have been thinking about conceptual models relating to the vast (and continually growing) unstructured text collections within enterprises. Regardless whether this is in hardcopy form in libraries/archives or digital form on file systems or document management systems. In the oil & gas industry, the concept of 'missed pay' is given to a reservoir zone... Continue Reading →

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