Geology of Mars by Text Analytics 2

I have been experimenting with text analytics on 500 public Mars Geology documents. Following on from my last post spatialising data on a map, I have also explored multivariate heat map clustering. Recognition to Metsalu and Vilo (2015) for clustering visualisations originally developed for Nucleic Acid research.

Natural Language Processing: Detecting evidence in text reports and comparing with existing structured data

Over 5,000 USGS reports were analysed using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to detect potential environments for Copper. Over 1.5Million detections were made. The results were coarsely spatialised by country and shown on the map above. The larger the pie-chart the greater the tone of uncertainty / speculation. These data were displayed in... Continue Reading →

Language Comprehension Question and Answer models.

There are several Question & Answer OpenSource Language Comprehension models that can be applied to unstructured text. Even without tuning to a domain, they are capable of producing some quite remarkable answers buried in large amounts of text for simple factual questions. The image above is a simple example related to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage... Continue Reading →

OpportunityFinder® v4.2: State-of-the-art geo-tagging for subsurface, geoscience and Earth science documents

NEW: OpportunityFinder® v4.2 has options to detect 30% more geographical/geobody entities within the body text of documents. These can support spatial and map based search & discovery. Coverage includes from well/boreholes, leads, prospects & plays to fields, deposits, localities, tracts, blocks & licenses to mountains, foldbelts, seamounts and basins. Using state-of-the-art natural language processing and... Continue Reading →

Automatically detecting geo-resource evidence in reports.

Looking to extract evidence for petroleum systems, metals & minerals, heat flow, fluid flow or aquifers & seals in reports or semi-structured databases? Or chronostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, tectonics, depositional environment and lithology? The patented algorithms from Infoscience Technologies may give your organisation a fast start..

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