Underlying assumptions for enterprise search & discovery

When deploying a search engine in an organisation, it can be useful to think deeply about the underlying assumptions being made. These can help inform strategies. Arguably, some organisations may deploy reductionist technology focused strategies without perhaps thinking about all the assumptions they are making. CLEVERLEY, P.H. and BURNETT, S. 2019. Enterprise search and discovery... Continue Reading →

Beeswarm chart of lithologies from text using Natural Language Processing

As well as detecting Geo-resources in unstructured text reports, papers and logs, OpportunityFinder can detect and disambiguate all kinds of geological concepts. High level lithology groupings in the Williston Basin are shown above in the Beeswarm chart. contact@infosciencetechnologies.com

Patent Award

Oxford, UK 18th June 2021: Infoscience Technologies Ltd, the pioneer in extracting geoscience and subsurface knowledge from text, is delighted to announce the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent for the OpportunityFinder® technology.  The patent award is for a Natural Language Processing System which suggests Geo-Resource Ideas & Plays from Unstructured Text.... Continue Reading →

Sentiment Analysis Geoscience in the news.

Sentiment analysis of the last ten years of Guardian news articles mentioning geoscience. Geoscience is often mentioned in context to natural geohazards. However, there might be a trend towards increasing negative sentiment over time that may warrant further exploration. #geosciences #naturallanguageprocessing #oilandgas #mining #hydrogeology #geohazards

Mining Geoscience Text from the Geological Survey of Queensland for hidden Geo-Resource evidence

Text mining algorithms were used to discover hidden geo-resource (metals, elements, minerals) associations in reports, maps, sketches and logs from the archives of the Geological Survey of Queensland in Australia. The Geological Survey of Queensland have made a number of excellent improvements recently increasing the accessibility of these data. A subset of report packages over... Continue Reading →

Cairn Energy deploy OpportunityFinder® to detect evidence for hydrocarbon plays within unstructured text.

Cairn Energy deploy Infoscience Technologies’ OpportunityFinder® to detect evidence for hydrocarbon plays within unstructured text.Cairn Energy is an independent, UK based energy company focused on oil and gas exploration, development and production. www.cairnenergy.comInfoscience Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence tech start-up, extracting geoscience knowledge from unstructured text. www.infosciencetechnologies.com

Using Artificial Intelligence for native hydrogen exploration in the subsurface.

Using Artificial Intelligence to search for native hydrogen in the subsurface. Australian exploration company Buru Energy have chosen Infoscience Technologies OpportunityFinder®algorithm to detect evidence for potential native hydrogen in historical documentation. Native hydrogen occurrences have been accidentally discovered historically, but little to no efforts have been made to target it industrially. Where appropriate, the use... Continue Reading →

Largest Petroleum Systems Taxonomy and NLP machine learning training sets in the industry

The OpportunityFinder® algorithm has now exceeded 50,000 terms in its lexicon for detecting petroleum systems automatically in text. This is combined with hundreds of thousands of labelled data for machine learning. These can support laser like tasks, improve search & discovery, insights, knowledge mining and also support the tuning of very large language models. http://www.infosciencetechnologies.com

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