Geology – What are we searching on?

These are the Top 100 sites we are visiting for queries containing the term "geology" for the past 3 months (Jan -March 2020) also showing their usage these past 12 months (source: similarweb). Average 213,000 queries a month. From Education to Engineering; Planetary Geology to Climate Change; Economic/Mining to Petroleum; Maps to News; Careers to... Continue Reading →

Additional evidence that we may be spending more time searching for information using search engines, most likely due to more people at home. What may be interesting to see is whether these are just short term changes, or whether recent events could have a longer lasting impact on search behaviour.

Google – Reversing Search Trends

The use of mobile search through smartphones and tablets has been on an unrelenting march ever since it was reported in 2015 as overtaking desktop search. During the past month (March 2020) there is evidence for a reversal of that trend. The most plausible explanation possibly being the lockdowns caused by COVID-19 with more people... Continue Reading →

Unprecedented Internet Search Usage

Search usage data from Q1 2020 compared to 2019 over the same period (Jan-March 2020). Data is shown compared to the mean usage for Q1. On Monday 16th March 2020 in the evening, several Head of States made addresses to their nations implementing various forms of lockdown/social distancing.

Increased Uncertainty – Increased Search

Figure 1 - Increased search query traffic likely due to Coronavirus effects It is well known through sites such as Google Trends that search queries such as 'coronovirus' see a surge in usage (frequency). What is less clear as Google do not release their daily search query volumes, is the effect on overall search behaviour... Continue Reading →

Search systems within enterprises may take on a significance never seen before in the history of the digital workplace.

With more people working from home due to Covid-19, enterprise search engines may play a more prominent role to meet information needs. Having capable search engines has always supported the digital workplace complementing discussion groups, collaboration and peer to peer communication tools. Research I conducted in 2014 with 55 geoscientists in the workplace, provides evidence that... Continue Reading →

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