Anglo American sign global license for Infoscience Technologies’ Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithms

We are pleased to announce that Anglo American, one of the worlds largest mining companies, has signed a global software license agreement to deploy Infoscience Technologies’ Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. Supporting its FutureSmart Mining™ Digitalisation initiative in Discovery (Exploration), Anglo American will apply these unique disruptive algorithms to its vast internal collection of documents. These will... Continue Reading →

Shortlisted for the UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award

Delighted to be shortlisted for the UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award by the British Computer Society. A very big thank you to everyone for your insights, support and encouragement these past couple of years.  Founding a Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology startup in the subsurface & geoscience sector has been an exciting journey and rewarding... Continue Reading →

Disruptive algorithms for oil and gas subsurface unstructured text

Unlock the value in your oil & gas, mining, subsurface and geoscience documents. Disrupt existing business workflows. Automatically classify, extract data and names, find problems and opportunities. Assisting the subsurface professional and Geoscientist. Save time searching for information, reduce the risk of missing key information and increase the chances of ideation & discovering new knowledge.... Continue Reading →

The value of data – through text analytics

I created a vectorspace model using 700 UK license relinquishment reports, comparing companies to risk (x-axis) and uncertainty (y-axis) using word vectors and cosine similarity. Based on patterns in text, those companies in the top right quadrant have a higher 'similarity' to risk and uncertainty; those in the bottom left - the opposite. The companies... Continue Reading →

Infoscience Technologies Customer Survey – OpportunityFinder® Natural Language Processing Algorithm

A recent survey was undertaken of a large organisation that has been using the Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning Python algorithm OpportunityFinder for the past 12 months. They have been applying the algorithm to millions of documents to extract knowledge and ideas. Compared to their existing traditional search engines they estimated: 1. The algorithm... Continue Reading →

Geology of Mars by Text Analytics 2

I have been experimenting with text analytics on 500 public Mars Geology documents. Following on from my last post spatialising data on a map, I have also explored multivariate heat map clustering. Recognition to Metsalu and Vilo (2015) for clustering visualisations originally developed for Nucleic Acid research.

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