Enterprise Search: A State Of The Art

enterprise search corporate exobrain

New research published this week for Enterprise search. Insights from the petroleum, life sciences, aerospace, intelligence services, manufacturing, retail and legal sectors for digital transformation.

In many respects Enterprise Search & Discovery may have become part of the Corporate Exobrain. Complementing tacit networks allowing individuals and teams to extend brainpower by searching and exploiting explicit information distributed across organizational repositories containing ‘other people’s information’.

Organizations, technology vendors and practitioners were interviewed to ascertain the current state, challenges and future state of enterprise search & discovery. These insights were thematically analysed to infer a 4-level model for enterprise search use cases: search as a utility, question & answering, search task applications and discovery of connections.

The research article has been published by SAGE in Business Information Review. Business Information Review is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal.

Cleverley, P.H. and Burnett, S. (2019). Enterprise Search: A State of the Art. Business Information Review. June 2019, 36(2). [online]


There is also a green OpenAccess copy on the Robert Gordon University Institutional repository OpenAIR https://openair.rgu.ac.uk/handle/10059/3474

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