Search is on the move…


Today, there are more search queries made on mobile devices than on desktop computers, which has probably been one of the major changes within information search during the past decade, along with the rise of voice search.

I was invited to conduct a book review over the summer of ‘Mobile Search Behavior: An In-depth Analysis Based on Contexts, APPs, and Devices. By Dan Wu and Shaobo Liang’ . The review has been published this week in the Journal of Library and Information Science (JOLIS) academic journal published by SAGE.

It is a fascinating book based on empirical research, how social context, time of day and location influence needs, behaviours and motives. How executing transactions, curiosity, time-killing and learning are some of the motivations.

The increasing use of search through apps, rather than just through the traditional web browser, is also an extremely interesting trend and one particularly relevant to technology designers.

Like the majority of search behaviour research in general, most academic research on mobile search is studying students at universities. This presents an opportunity for further research of search behaviour in the workplace.

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