Applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Scholarly Geoscience Literature.

Presenting research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in academic publishing 26-27 Sep, Washington DC, along with Google, Web of Science, SAGE, Taylor & Francis etc at the Silverchair technology platform conference.

In my talk I’ll be covering unsupervised machine learning, supervised machine learning, rule based methods (and hybrids) with actual examples of how each technique has been applied to Geoscience scholarly literature to yield new insights.

I will be representing both Robert Gordon University (RGU) and GeoscienceWorld.

RGU in Aberdeen Scotland, has roots back to 1729 when Robert Gordon had a vision to provide accessible education and enhanced opportunities across society. It conducts world class research and is a top modern university.

GeoscienceWorld is a not-for-profit cooperative of independent scholarly publishers in Geoscience. Founders include the Geological Society of America (GSA), Geological Society of London (GSL) and the American Geosciences Institute (AGI).


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