2018 Runner Up International iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Delighted to receive the 2018 Runner Up Prize for the International iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award. The first time a Scottish university has been recognized for its dissertation. The awards recognize outstanding work in the information field; specifically the relationship between information, people and technology. My dissertation topic was enterprise search and discovery.

Nominations are solicited from all members of the iSchools organization, now more than 80 universities worldwide, and judged by an award committee drawn from leading international schools. Congratulations to the winner, Galen Panger from the University of California Berkeley (and Researcher at Google).

A very big thank you to my supervisory team, Professor Simon Burnett and Dr Laura Muir and colleagues at Robert Gordon University. I’d also like to thank everyone who has (and still) helps and encourages my research. It is very much appreciated.

Look forward to many more exciting collaborations as I research social informatics and how advanced analytics & machine learning can be blended with search techniques to augment human computer interaction in the workplace.

Happy New Year!

Press release here and more details here


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