Automated Forward-looking Sentiment Analysis, Search Engine Bias and Cognitive Search in Geoscience

Just a quick update on what I have been up to these past few hectic months as my last blog post was back in May this year. Below are some papers I have been working on over the summer and upcoming conferences I will be presenting at:

Golden Gate.JPG

Conducted some research recently in California (more on this in later posts)

Sentiment Analysis in organizational reports

I will be presenting on the 11th September in London at the ISKO conference in a collaboration with Laura Muir (Associate Professor of Information Systems at Edinburgh Napier University). The topic will be applying automated sentiment analysis to identify forward-looking sentiment(about the future) in company reports. This provides an indicator of how confident an organization feels about the future and may be dosed with rhetoric. We used biologically inspired word diversity algorithms which to our knowledge have not been used before to assess forward-looking sentiment. We also investigated predictive links to future financial performance and organizational phenomena such as the reaction to a crisis. I hope to share the presentation and paper shortly in the public domain. I think there are some very exciting findings and opportunities for companies to develop new knowledge as well as conduct further research:

Search Engine Bias

Information Today published an extended article I wrote on search engine bias in their Sep/Oct 2017 edition here: . It is an extension of the blog post I made earlier this year including links to ‘fake news’ and bias within enterprise search & discovery technology. Information Today requires a subscription for the latest issues.

Cognitive Search Assistants in the Geosciences

Delighted that my paper on Cognitive Search Assistants in the Geosciences was accepted for the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America (GSA) in Seattle during October 2017. This builds on and further extends existing research I published previously on this site: , and work I presented a few years ago in Turkey . These tools and techniques move beyond traditional deductive inference, to include both an inductive and abductive inference focus. I will be sharing the presentation and paper in the public domain later in the year.



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