Emergence of the Corporate Brain

A synthesis of the relevant literature and commentary (focusing on the oil & gas sector although some elements may apply to other sectors) has enabled the identification of a number of potential trends, gaps, challenges and opportunities with respect to enterprise search & discovery. It is anticipated that practitioners may find this multi-disciplinary discussion and corporate brain metaphors of interest as a lens for thinking of long term directions.

A key trend is the convergence of established infrastructures and practices with emerging techniques and vast amounts of information, internal & external to, the enterprise. These areas are shown in the figure below, and include Records Management, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Workflow Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Organization Systems and Analytics.

Corporate Brain Graphic.jpg

If you found this article changed the way you think about enterprise search & discovery in anyway, I’d really like to hear from you at p.h.cleverley@rgu.ac.uk . All information treated anonymously to individual and organization and used only for academic purposes.

The full extended 3,000 word PDF with 100+ references can be downloaded here PDF Document in Slideshare



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