Call for abstracts: EAGE Workshop on Data Science

I am on the technical committee for the upcoming EAGE workshop on data science in Kuala Lumpur later this year. The call for abstracts has opened, details below:

This workshop will discuss the foundations of Data Science and successfully integrating these techniques into critical exploration pipelines and focus on two levels:

•As a workshop to Data Science. What is it and how it “works”; best practices and pitfalls

•As a Voyage of Discovery of what can be done in the field of Data Science; possibilities and opportunities.

As Data Science crosses many industries, this workshop will also provide the opportunity to share experiences and discover what goes on behind those mysterious internal workings outside our own domain. Specific topics for abstracts submission include:

●Fundamentals, pitfalls, Case histories and results

●Out of the Mainstream – A session dedicated to innovative applications of Data Science

●Big Oil and Big Data – How to Derive Value from Exploration to Development/Production

●Cracking the Climate Code through Data Science – An Oil and Gas Industry Perspective

●Beyond E&P – A session dedicated to New Energy, Transformation and industries not related to Oil and Gas exploration

●Driving the Business – How Data Science can be used to gain insights to make business decisions and the Human Resources perspective

●Looking to the future – Where is data science going; future possibilities


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