Geoscience and Information Science

Thirty years ago I started my MSc in Computing in Earth Sciences. Since then much of my time has been spent applying computing & data science to geoscience in industry.

For the past ten years or so, my focus has turned to academia; further developing the information science to underpin Natural Language Processing (NLP), Taxonomy, Machine Learning techniques and user interfaces, to help Geoscientists with unstructured text and search. Some of this material appears transferable to other sciences and industry sectors.

I hope my very modest contribution has helped provide a bridge in places between academia and practice, serving the community.

There is a lot of peer reviewed published literature out there to inform technology user interface design for geoscience. One such paper is below, collecting data from 50 Geoscientists and Engineers in 30 different organizations.

Journal of Information Science (2014) Published paper Here


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