Search Insights 2020: Free 54 Page Report


The Search Insights Report 2020 is out. This has been produced by The Search Network as a service to the search community. There is no charge and no sponsorship.

I was honoured to be asked to contribute an article which opens the report. Download the 54 page PDF with the link below:

Search Insights 2020_The Search Network


The Cambrian explosion (of search), Paul Cleverley

Benchmarking enterprise search – a perspective from Denmark, Kurt Kragh Sørensen

The advent of natural language information retrieval, Max Irwin

Microsoft Search in Office 365, Agnes Molnar

Content integration, Valentin Richter

Skills for effective relevance engineering, Charlie Hull

The importance of informed query log analysis, Martin White

Good practice in taxonomy project management, Helen Lippell

Changes in open source search, Elizabeth Haubert

Searching for expertise and experts, Martin White

A big thanks to the Editor Val Skelton.

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