Continued interest in search & analytics blog

It’s not year end quite yet, but surprised to see visitors to my blog surge past last years total, going past 8,000 this week.

I was invited to write my thoughts on the ‘future of search’ in the enterprise by ‘The Search Network’ recently. It will be published in ‘Search Insights’ early 2020.

Search engines of various incarnations have rapidly become an epistemology in themselves (how we come to know things).

It’s worth pausing and reflecting on that for a moment.

Search deployments are not just about finding information faster – they can curate what we see. The. topic is arguably front and centre for organizations in many different ways for many different reasons. These Times They Are a-Changin’.


One thought on “Continued interest in search & analytics blog

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  1. Hi Paul, Indeed the “search times” are “a-Changin”. For me, moving on from a geospatial search focus to now Image-based search @ Getty. Understanding simple text search terms to find a wide-range of contextual visual emotional images that match the intent of those terms is a challenge. It is indeed front & centre (UK spelling) from the Board of Directors on down. I get to bring all my past experiences & knowledge to this new challenge & it is fun & rewarding! 🙂


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