Shark teeth

Some of the fossil shark teeth I found recently from the Peace River in Florida. Megalodon (large), Lemon Shark (top left), Sand Tiger Shark (bottom middle narrow), others include Tiger Shark, Snaggletooth Shark and Stingray. Miocene to Early Pliocene age (23-5 Million years ago) when most of Florida was submerged.

You stand in the river waist high, dig into the river bed with a shovel and sieve the unconsolidated gravel on a floating sieve. Pattern recognition in action! Alligators are about but wild ones tend to stay well clear of people.

Some Megalodon teeth can reach 7 inches long, with the extinct shark reaching 60 ft long (3 times the size of the largest Great White ever recorded).

When I’m not collecting fossils I’m researching text mining and machine learning in Geoscience text where I also have a tech start-up licensing algorithms. You can find the research on this blog which I started in May 2015.


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