Using local contexts to help navigate to relevant information in the enterprise search user interface.What are our information needs?

The first paper I published as a result of my studies in the Journal of Information Science, looking at what characteristics engineers prefer of search filters and why.

Enterprise Search Log
Enterprise Search Log

Retrieving Haystacks: a data driven information needs model for faceted search

The research aim was to develop an understanding of information needs characteristics for word co-occurrence based search result filters (facets). No prior research has been identified into what enterprise searchers may find useful for exploratory search and why. Various word co-occurrence techniques were applied to results from sample queries performed on industry membership content. The results were used in an international survey of fifty four practicing petroleum engineers from thirty two organizations. Subject familiarity, job role, personality and query specificity are possible causes for survey response variation. An information needs model is presented: Broad, Rich, Intriguing, Descriptive, General, Expert and Situational (BRIDGES). This may help professionals more effectively meet their information needs and stimulate new needs, improving a systems capability to facilitate serendipity. This research has implications for faceted search in enterprise search and digital library deployments.

Pre-Proof Paper Published Online Here

Journal of Information Science (JIS) Paper


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