Discover Geoscience Knowledge not Documents.

Find and discover geoscience knowledge not documents. An example of how organisations are exploiting the output from OpportunityFinder(R), generated by applying the algorithm to their unstructured text such as PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, XML/JSON, image files etc. on file shares and document management systems  

This company has used Microsoft PowerBI over the top of the CSV created by OpportunityFinder. In just a couple of weeks configuring an application to allow geoscientists to discover petroleum, chemical elements, mineral system and other geo-resource associations in time and space as well as casting a wide net for analogue discovery.

This allows the geoscientists to uncover knowledge that typically is buried so far down traditional document search results lists – they never normally read it. The algorithm takes this a step further, using a lexicon of 75,000 terms, machine learning and Patented methods to ‘join the dots’ to suggest patterns for potential missed leads, ideas and exploration.
#geoscience #digitaltransformation #naturallanguageprocessing #Python #datascience #oilandgas #mining

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