Using Streamgraphs to visualize results from geological text analytics

Figure 1 - Frequency of Geological Concept 'Mentions' in text Co-occurring with Petroleum Systems Elements by Geological Time. Streamgraph (stacked area chart) Sankey Curves; Three visualizations shown for the ssame data: Silhouette [left], expanded [centre], zero-offset [right]. Extraction from 40 public domain articles using Python/RawGraphs. The 'dark layers' are associated to source rock, organic lithologies... Continue Reading →


Geological Expressions: Clustering the results of text analytics for exploratory data analysis.

In previous articles I have discussed how concepts can be detected and extracted from text. The patterns of these concepts (such as their proportions with respect to other concepts) provide a signature or 'expression' that can be compared. That could be at a 'micro' scale such as a Geological Formation or a 'macro' scale such... Continue Reading →

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