Enterprise Search – A Series of User Interfaces – not one size fits all

This is a model I have been using to discuss the concept of 'what is enterprise search?' with practitioners. The concept is that 'Enterprise Search' is supported by a series of dedicated User Interfaces (UI) shown as blue boxes, used by virtually every member of staff in the enterprise on the left, to communities of... Continue Reading →


Knowledge Organization

The role of manual & automatic tagging (classification and categorization) and information & knowledge management strategies in influencing information search and discovery in the enterprise. A third paper has been accepted for presentation by the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) 2015 conference in London. The best of both worlds: Highlighting the synergies of combining... Continue Reading →

Serendipity: Making your own luck

The role of the enterprise search user interface in stimulating serendipitous information encounters through presentation of the 'unusual'. The second paper published as part of the research study, was an experiment to stimulate serendipity in the search process through colour coded unusual word associations, tested with scientists in two organizations. It was presented at ICKM... Continue Reading →


Using local contexts to help navigate to relevant information in the enterprise search user interface.What are our information needs? The first paper I published as a result of my studies in the Journal of Information Science, looking at what characteristics engineers prefer of search filters and why. Retrieving Haystacks: a data driven information needs model... Continue Reading →

Finding information – why so difficult?

This monthly blog shares thoughts from an ongoing PhD research study re-examining and re-conceptualizing searching in the enterprise; towards a conceptual model of user satisfaction and search task performance. Despite the investments made, delivering effective enterprise search appears difficult. Business surveys indicate the average professional spends 24% of their time searching for information and approximately half of... Continue Reading →

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